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FiberForce’s detachable hopper makes it more mobile to fit in desired spaces.  With quick hose connectors and a slide gate for dense pack and blow behind netting in attics, you’ll be able to crank out 400 pounds (13 bags) of cellulose per hour or 1,050 lbs of cellulose (42 bags).

intec insulation blower fiberforce

Perfect for attic insulation installation, the Intec Cyclone S fills a 1,000 square foot attic with R-19 cellulose in roughly 45 minutes and R-19 fiberglass in about an hour.

At just over 170 pounds this warrantied insulation machine processes 970 pounds (39 bags) of cellulose insulation or 255 pounds (8 1/2 bags) per hour.

intec insulation machine cyclone s

When building a new house or trying to make an old house energy efficient it is very important to air seal. It’s best to call a professional to do this work. A professional will have the tools to complete the work properly and have the equipment to test the house before and after the work is done.

For the DIY people out there you will need a few items to get this job done. Start with some duct sealing tape, caulking and foam insulation. Tape sealing the joints in your duct work is needed to ensure that the heat/cold is going where it was designed to go. Then check for any penetrations that would need foam. This could be around windows/doors, electrical penetrations, and even check in the attic space and foam around any penetrations. For the small cracks and holes too small for foam to go into use the caulking. On new homes caulk corners, top and bottom plates, headers around windows/doors and look for light coming through and caulk them shut.  We advise a blower door test to be done on existing and new construction. This will let you know that you have done your air sealing correctly.

For more information on proper foam application look for our upcoming article on this subject.

This 1995 International 27 foot van body is loaded with a Krendly KS250 blowing machine.  The truck seats 4, including 2 captains chairs.  The truck is a 9 speed with M-11 Cummins, which means you must have a CDL.

The rig is loaded, including a generator, tool rack, vacuum, and 150 gal water tank.  Asking only $24.9K.  Call 1-800-211-0104.