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Insulation Industries is a leader in insulation blower machines, insulation accessories and training needs. We proudly offer the following.

  • Knowledgeable, friendly staff for questions & trouble shooting
  • Most advanced, cutting edge insulation blowers on the market
  • Solid, 1 year, no nonsense factory warranties on new insulation blowers
  • 90 day warranties on used insulation machines
  • Extended warranty programs for new insulation blowing equipment
  • Ten day insulation blowers trials - Satisfaction or full refund

Not only do we offer industry leading warranties, but once you are a customer of ours, you also automatically get the following, added benefits.

  • Lifetime, discounted insulation equipment and insulation accessories replacement parts
  • Loaner insulation blowers and short & long term insulation machine rentals
  • Private, onsite, insulation equipment training for crews and installation methods
  • Highly skilled insulation installers available for private hire
  • Strong, direct alliances with fiber insulation manufacturers
  • Master insulation equipment Installers available for private hire
  • Trade in credit on insulation machine and insulation equipment upgrades
  • New insulation equipment master dealer machine discounts

The Krendl 5200 blowing machine is designed for big results with little maintenance.  The Kubota diesel engine, positive displacement blower, triple agitators, and 62 cubic foot hopper capacity produce 5,200 pounds an hour of cellulose insulation and 2,300 pounds an hour of fiberglass insulation.Krendl blower 5200

Krendl’s 4000 blowing machine drives 4,000 pounds an hour of cellulose and 1,500 lbs an hour of fiberglass insulation with its 62 cubic foot hopper capacity, positive displacement blower, and 150 CFM at 5 psi.

Krendl blower 4000

With a positive displacement blower, 40 cubic foot hopper capacity, and an 18hp Briggs & Stratton motor, the Krendl 2800 blowing machine can produce 3,600 pounds an hour of cellulose and 2,100 pounds an hour of fiberglass.Krendl blower 2800

Get the biggest bang for your buck with the Krendl 2300 blowing machine.  With dual agitators, double blowers and a 40 cubic foot hopper capacity you’ll be able to process 3,000 pounds an hour of cellulose insulation and 1,000 pounds an hour of fiberglass insulation.

Available Upgrades

  • nozzles
  • heavy duty wheel kit
  • wall scrubber
  • wireless remote
  • quad-blower
  • Internal wetting system
  • rockwool capabilities

Krendl blower 2300